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  • Is solar power cheaper than the electricity from the grid?
    Yes, with today’s changing economic landscape in Egypt and electricity prices hike, if you are a home owner you can expect a payback as of 7-9 years on your installed panels and then enjoy up to 18+ years of free electricity, this amounts to up to 320,000 EGP of lifetime savings. If you are a business owner you can expect savings of a minimum of 10% as compared to your current electricity bill. Remember that energy from the sun is free; you only have to pay for the cost of the solar panels system. SolarizEgypt provides financing solutions that suit your needs with no upfront costs.
  • What steps should I take to install a solar panel system?
    Once you contact SolarizEgypt, the process starts with a site visit by our engineering team who will conduct a full feasibility study and share with you our recommendations for the best solution that will suit your needs. We then provide you with a quotation for the chosen system, along with different alternatives for payment plans.
  • What is a PV system and how does it work?
    A PV system is a Photovoltaic system given as a technical term for solar panels. The word photo comes from the Greek word “photons” which means “light”. A Photovoltaic System receives sunlight radiation and converts it into electrical energy, hence electricity.
  • How long will it take to install my system?
    The time it will take for a system to be installed will vary depending on the factors of your location, the area and recommended size of the system.
  • What will my system include?
    Aside from any detailed specifications, your system will typically include the following items: - Solar Panels - Inverter (transforms energy from solar panels to usable electricity) - Mounting Structures - Wiring and electrical safety equipment
  • Do solar panels work when its cloudy or raining, and how does the weather affect solar power production?"
    Since solar panels work as a renewable energy product, it is completely reliant on the sun’s radiation. Therefore, solar energy production is ongoing as long as the sun is present. However, we are lucky to be in a country where we almost have 365 days of sun, so that should not be something to worry about. Your house or establishment is still connected to the grid so on this unlucky cloudy day you will still get electricity from the grid.
  • How do solar panels help the environment?
    Solar panels are one of the cleanest sources of energy; they rely on the planet’s biggest source of energy, the sun, and are emission free.
  • How much will a solar panel system cost me?
    Nothing! We will fully finance your solar panel system and you will only pay for the electricity you consume (at a rate that is always cheaper than the grid). Please contact us for more information or click here to learn more.
  • How do I maintain and service my panels?
    We provide a full package of servicing and maintenance for your panels that is already included at the initial cost we quote you, remember you only pay for the electricity you consume, no upfront fees and no extra fees.
  • Are the panels guaranteed?
    Yes, we closely monitor your panels performance and their performance is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.


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