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Part 1

It all started when, we noticed that most organizations in Egypt don't really understand how they can leverage the benefits of powering up their businesses with solar energy.

So, we did this.

Part 2

To make things simple, we started off by making our value proposition more relevant for each sector.

Part 4

We taught organizations within the industrial, commercial and real estate development sector how to obtain the most value from solar energy for their specific business needs.

Part 5

The outcome? We were able to not only, create spectacular results, but also, a massive impact. 

Energy Savings

Generated Expected Savings of 775mil EGP over 25 years

Carbon Offset

Offset 219,940 tons of carbon for the next 25 years 

Sales Cycle

Reduced average sales cycle duration by 10%

Solar Interest

Generated 1000+ new followers across social media channels

Part 6

THE TOP 2 QUESTIONS asked throughout our journey.


BECAUSE organizations should get to answers faster, we created a quick calculator that allows any business to calculate it's savings across the lifetime of the project & a detailed project timeline.

Check it out! You can calculate the savings for your business too! 

(All you need to know is how much area is available to setup camp).

OR, you can                        our process timeline.

Part 7

The GOOD news: Its always sunny in Egypt.

We all know that solar power comes from a clean and abundant source of energy. We also know that, in Egypt, the sun shines for an average of 8 hours daily throughout the year. In fact, Egypt intends to increase the supply of electricity generated from renewable sources to 20% by 2022 and 42% by 2035, with solar accounting for 25 percent by 2035.   

Part 8

You've earned it! By joining us on our journey of simplifying solar you have earned your organization a free site visit from SolarizEgypt.

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